Hi there, I’m Richie. Anytime someone asks me how to grow Christmas cacti, the first thing they say is, “you have to live in Arizona!” And that’s not true at all! You can grow them right here in Minnesota if you know what you are doing.

I started with 3-gallon hydroponics set up and kept it on my balcony for two summers. It was a lot of fun watching those plants go from tiny seedlings to big beautiful cacti flowers. But when we moved into our new house back in 2016, I didn’t have enough space for my old tub. So I built an 8-foot long by 4 -foot wide full hydroponics system, using three smaller tubs in a row to fit the space I had available.

I’ve been growing cacti and succulents indoors for five years now. And after having planted dozens of sets of seeds over time, I have finally found a way to grow beautiful plump flowers on my Christmas cactus.

Who is Richie Hunt?

Richie Hunt is an expert with plants. His talent for growing things takes him around the world to make sure that people can enjoy these beautiful natural structures. He has been working with trees, shrubs, and flowers since he was just a young boy, volunteering at his local botanical garden. Charles digs up and transplants sod, pots, flowers, and plants, prepares the soil and seedbeds, grades lawns, and performs other gardening tasks as necessary. He also operates hand tools such as shovels or clippers with skilled precision!

Richie Hunt is the founder and owner of Cactus-Christian.org, a website dedicated to all things related to growing Christmas cacti. As an expert in his field, Richie has been writing articles and advising for over eight years now.

He was born into a family that had always grown Christmas cacti, so he learned about how they work from a young age. He loves everything about these plants: their unique look, their fascinating biology, and the way they can be used as such beautiful decorations during the festive season!

Welcome to cactus-chrisitan.org!

This site is the home of my own personal project to create a guide for growing your own Christmas cactus. The goal is simple: distill all that knowledge into a single set of instructions so you can grow beautiful flowers right in your living room.

I will show you how to successfully grow your own Christmas cactus from seeds or cuttings and get a lot of beautiful flowers.

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