Christmas Cactus Bloom on the Holidays

The holiday season is the most awaited part for Christmas cactus growers. It’s the time of year when they get to see the beauty of the delicate plant. The Christmas cactus flowers vary in color. Some people have experienced a change in the color of the plant’s flower.

From a very vibrant pink, it became pale. Many factors affect this change, including the change in temperature, the level of humidity, and the brightness of its surroundings.

How Do You Get A Christmas Cactus Bloom?

 Every plant has its own season of blooming. Having a hard time wondering if your Christmas cactus will bloom during the Holiday season? Or did you pass Christmas seeing your cactus not blooming and want to force cactus bloom? Here are some blooming tips you can consider:

  • Lighting Adjustment

This special plant needs enough amount of indirect light for it to bloom healthily. Place your Christmas cactus near the window, close enough to get enough light and far enough not to be hit by the direct sunlight. You can also place it outside, provided that it is under a shady place.

  • Dark Treatment

Before the blooming season, the plant can undergo this treatment until it blooms. This is an effective way to solve the issue of your cactus not blooming. The Christmas cactus needs twelve to fifteen hours of darkness starting from Mid-October.

You can use a room where there is total darkness all through the night. Remember that any form of lighting should not distract it during this dark treatment. This method can be very effective in producing more blooms when done correctly.

  • Humidity

A Christmas cactus can last longer in a place with higher humidity. In dry places, humidity is very low. The effect of this is a lower lifespan for the flowers.

The best thing to do to solve this problem is to use an available tool to create higher humidity.  All you need is a tray of pebbles filled with water where you can place your pot of Christmas cactus. The water under the plant can create temporary humidity for the plant.

Reasons Why Christmas Cactus Blooms Fall Off

 Some of us would buy a Christmas cactus on the Christmas holiday so that we will be able to see it blooming. On the way home, many factors can cause the dropping of Christmas cactus buds: the heat, temperature, and the wind, and most commonly, the change in humidity level.

The best thing we can do to avoid this is to transport it together with a tray or basin of pebbles and water below the pot to maintain a humid atmosphere while on the road.

At home, make sure that the temperature is not exceeding 50 degrees. And most importantly, place it in a place where it can get enough indirect light.

For indoor gardeners, the common cause of this problem is overwatering. Too much water can cause the leaves to rot, which then would lead to the fall of the Christmas cactus buds. Watering it directly can also be a reason for this.

You should only pour enough water to moisten the plant to avoid the water pressure pushing the flowers. In some instances, lack of water can also make the flower wilt until its cactus bloom falls off. Indeed, putting enough water, exposing it to enough light, and giving enough care are the keys to Christmas cactus propagation.

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