Is the Christmas Cactus Poisonous? – Will it kill you if you eat them?

Having a plant inside your house does not only contribute to beautifying the area; it also gives a refreshing aura to your place. Many people find it relaxing to see a plant in the middle of the center table or any corner of the four corners of the living room.

This article explains how safe it is to place a Christmas cactus anywhere around your home. Let’s try to see if the Christmas cactus is harmful to humans and animals.

Is Christmas Cactus Poisonous To Children or Babies?

Due to its susceptible features, a Christmas cactus requires an indoor environment. The stems and leaves cannot be exposed to sunlight. It should only be stored in a room with constant humidity and limited temperature.

Plants have been one of the world’s poison contributing factors inside the home. Many indoor plants have been found to contain toxins that are harmful to the family’s health.

Now, let’s try to look deeply into the issue of whether the Christmas cactus is poisonous.

The good thing about the Christmas cactus toxicity level is zero. You do not have to worry about the bad effect of the plant on your family’s health. This is one of the non-toxic plants that can be placed inside your home.

Infants are also as sensitive as Christmas cacti; will it not be harmful to them? 

This plant is absolutely free of poisonous elements. So there is nothing to worry about.

But there are times when small children would ingest it while playing. For precautionary measures, place the plant in an elevated area where children cannot reach it. It may not have any poisonous elements, but this is not ideal for human consumption.

Are Christmas Cacti Poisonous to Dogs and Cats?

The usual thing to be considered when taking care of an indoor plant is the harm it can cause to your pets. Some pets are eating Christmas cacti. But no report has shown that they have died because of it.

his answers the question of whether or not the Christmas cactus is poisonous. Cats and dogs find plants and flowers so attractive. Though the Christmas cactus is not harmful, it can still cause vomiting when dogs and cats eat.

When you have pets inside the house, the best thing to do is to make sure that they cannot reach the plant.

What is harmful in having an indoor plant is the use of fertilizer?

This can actually cause poisoning when ingested. Even the smell of the fertilizers can be unsafe for humans. The best thing to do about this problem is to choose a human-friendly fertilizer.

Precautionary measures are still recommended

With the facts presented above stating that the Christmas cactus toxicity level is zero, it is still essential to take extra precautionary measures when you place any plants inside your home.

We should not let our children play with plants by putting them in an appropriate place. Even if it is not fatal for the health of both animals and humans, we should keep in mind that it is still not edible. Eating a large amount of these plants can also cause complications to health.

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