What Is The Best Christmas Cactus Fertilizer?

Fertilizers are vital in the growth of any plant. For a Christmas cactus, it needs fertilizers for its stem segments not to drop to the ground.

The constant use of such can account for the strength of its stems. You can only stop applying fertilizers to the plant a month before its exact blooming season.

The best Christmas cactus fertilizer to be used depends on the elements that it needs as it grows. Most of the time, fertilizers are applied when there is an abnormal growth and when the plant’s color becomes pale, and it looks like it is going to wilt.

When it looks like it’s going to die for the Christmas cactus, you first have to check the amount of watering you have done.

If it is corrected, but it still looks the same, and no improvements have shown, that’s the perfect time to use fertilizers.

The best Christmas cactus fertilizer is a 10-10-10 fertilizer, or a 20-20-20. The amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium should be equal. This type of fertilizer is balanced and water-soluble.

Remember that you should only be using small amount for your plants. Too much fertilizer can sometimes be dangerous to your plant.

The use of fertilizer can only start when the flowers are already wilted. Using it during the blooming season can destroy the flowers. Do not use fertilizers to force the growth of your plant. It cannot also be used to force the flowers to bloom.

The only use of fertilizer in plants is to serve as a supporting agent in its growth. It cannot be the sole reason for the growth of a plant. So when deciding to use fertilizers, try to see if the plant needs them or not.

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