How To Repot a Christmas Cactus

This tropical plant known as Christmas cactus has very fragile roots. Transferring it when it is already mature is a very sensitive process. In this article let us try to unlock the ways to repot this very special plant.

The Best Time To Repot a Christmas Cactus



A Christmas cactus has roots that do not really grow firm. No matter what fertilizers and amount of soil you use for it, the growth of the cactus is really limited. One of the most complicated processes it may undergo is repotting.

The best time to repot a Christmas cactus is after the blooming season when the flowers have all wilted. Moving a Christmas cactus during the bud phase can destroy the plant. Taking it from its original soil during the blooming can only harm the flowers.

It may cause wilting because of the separation of the roots from its source of life. It would be better if you do not move it from where it is standing unless the blooming phase is over. After the season of blooming, give it a little time to rest and do the repotting.

 Repotting a Christmas Cactus

When a plant has stayed in the pot for years, it is already very difficult to take it out for repotting just like the Christmas cactus. Repotting of this plant requires very careful handling. You cannot pull it from the stem because the joints are easily broken.


For best result, take the plant out together with the soil surrounding the roots. Planting it in a plastic pot will make the process easier.

Going back, you cannot separate the soil and the roots abruptly because it may break the latter away from the plant. The method of transplanting a Christmas cactus is a bit complicated.

When repotting you have to consider the size of the pot. You have to choose a pot that can accommodate the growing plant. Place the plant in a larger one to avoid future repotting activities.

Frequent repotting can kill the plant, if not, it can damage the roots and wilt the leaves and blooms.

How do you do the re-rooting? When the roots have been separated from the plant, exhausting the process done with a single cutting can do re-rooting. It is easy for a cactus to regain its life when lost by cutting its roots.

Others find it difficult to take the hardened soil around the roots. All you have to do when confronted with that issue is take enough amount of water and wash the soil out of the roots. Don’t soak it because the delicate roots and leaves may rot.

christmas-cactus67Just let the dry, hardened soil to soften and carefully take it out from the roots.

Now, with your new pot, make sure that the soil mixture will be healthy enough to accommodate the growth of the plant to be transferred.

Moisture is very important even when it is going to be transferred.

You can take the cactus from the soil but never suspend it to the air for some time because the air can cause dryness. Preparing the pot before taking it from its original soil is the best preparation to make.