Ways on Rooting A Christmas Cactus

An exceptional feature a cactus has is its ability to propagate from cuttings. Unlike many other plants, the stem can become a new plant when separated from the main plant. That is one feature that only very few plants have.

How To Root a Christmas Cactus

Few months after the blooming season, when the flowers have all been gone, a Christmas cactus is now ready to be pruned. Cutting it is very easy. You can use your fingers, or if you are afraid of hurting it, you can use a scissor or any cutting tool with a sharp edge.

The Christmas cactus has a scarce leaf and stem relationship. The leaves are the stems. When cutting, you have to choose a healthy stem. Leave few segments and look for the joint.

The joints are very delicate. You can just twist it with your bare hands or cut it with a tool in a Y-pattern.

  • When the cutting is done, you have to wait for few hours for it to dry before the rooting process. It needs to dry a bit to avoid rotting. When the drying is done, it is now ready to be planted in its temporary soil for rooting.

Prepare a soil and moss mixture with enough water to keep the moisture. Plant the cutting; half of the stem must be in contact with the soil. Wait for a few days and keep the moisture in the soil to cut enough water to absorb.

The first thing that you will be noticing is the rotting of the cutting. That is absolutely normal. You will then notice that small growth with reddish color will sprout at the cutting edge. That is the signal that roots are already growing.

Wait for few days until the roots are already strong enough to support the new plant. When the growth and roots are now stable, it is now ready for transfer.

Choose a pot and soil mixture where it can permanently be planted. This is a straightforward process.

The question on how to do Re-rooting can also be done this way. All you need to do is choose the proper soil mixture and lessen the amount of water to be able to have a healthy mixture.

A Christmas cactus is easily propagated. You can use a single plant to make several plants.

What to avoid when Rooting Christmas Cactus

While waiting for the roots to grow, the cut should not be placed in a location where there is direct sunlight. The new growth might die when hit by the sun’s rays.

Another thing is overwatering, which can cause the rotting of the roots. It is normal for the cutting to rot because it’s part of the process.

But when the roots rot, the whole process will be wasted.

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